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Benefits of Trees

Sure, trees look beautiful, and we’ve probably all enjoyed a lovely walk through a forest. But their benefits ​go far beyond that. Trees are like best friends or model employees – they give so much and ask little in return. Here are the top 5 benefits of trees:

Energy Savings

Did you know that trees can help lower your energy bills? During those chilly winter months, trees do us a great service by blocking strong win​ds from reaching our home, leading to reduced heating costs to the tune of 25% less. And in the summertime, they offer shade that keeps your house cool. To achieve the same benefit without that tree you’d need to employ ten room-sized air conditioners – not friendly for your wallet!

Flood Protection and Lower Taxes

Mother Nature can be a force to be reckoned with and water runoff can lead to flooding and property damage. Once again trees are on our side!. They intercept the runoff and reduce the severity of floods. A forest’s roots and rich organic layers also help by slowing down the flow of water, encouraging it to gradually seep into ground – this directly reduces erosion and helps you hold on to your land and soil.

Added Property Value

Imagine streets lined with leafy green trees. Picture stunning forest views on a country property. These are some of the characteristics buyers are looking for in a property, and they may be willing to pay for the realization of their vision. Trees can also improve soil conditions on rural properties, and if you live near a stream or a river, trees and shrubs can help prevent land erosion.


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